Taylor Swift “Lover” Review: Swifty

Credit: Republic Records

Credit: Republic Records

Germaine Jacques

Known for her music written about her personal life experience, Taylor Swift dropped her seventeenth album on Friday, August 23, 2019. With eighteen songs on her album, many predicted what was to be released.

Media always banters about Taylor Swift’s relationships and its connection to her music. Compared to her previous albums, Anna Gaca of Pitchfork.com said, “Lover’s emotional peaks and valleys are higher and deeper than reputation, where romance played out under a long shadow of doubt.” Swift’s new album carries hidden messages to her audience about being themselves. This album is more focused on being true to yourself as an individual in this harsh world. The pre-chorus in ‘You Need To Calm Down’, sings, “You just need to take several seats and then try to restore the peace…” This song was about not being so harsh on yourself. Everyone needs a break and a reminder to rest and not overdo things.

The album was diverse in terms of the instrumental sounds. The album-titled song, ‘Lover’, was one of the slower melodic tunes. Asking a ‘Swifty’, what their thoughts were on the song, they said, “I like it because her voice goes back and forth, holding notes with her angel voice.” Taylor Swift, sometimes known for her high long-holding notes, put them to use in the reminiscing-like song. The tune made you feel like going back in time while sitting on a fluffy cloud.

This album is definitely a hit! With the hidden messages sent out to the world, it is helpful and a reminder to those who are harsh on themselves or who are just going through rough times. Be sure to check it out!