Watch Out Kids- It’s the Joker!


Credit: DC Films

Adallis Pantry

Over the fall break, on October 4, 2019, the newest version of the Joker was released in theaters. Despite some concerns about the safety of people on opening night, thousands of people across the world were ecstatic to see the new blockbuster movie on its long-awaited debut. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, director Todd Phillips creates a spine-tingling, limited action movie that is loved by most viewers.  Phoenix mostly wants to let the film speak for itself. “There are so many different ways of looking at it,” Phoenix says of the Arthur Fleck/Joker character. “You can either say here’s somebody who, like everybody, needed to be heard and understood and to have a voice. Or you can say this is somebody that disproportionately needs a large number of people to be fixated on him. His satisfaction comes as he stands in amongst the madness.”

A very prominent opinion of the film is that it was indeed, very creepy, despite its lack of action (Tyler Biberdorf-12). Senior Toni StJohn “literally saw it four times it was so good!” She also stated that “It left a grey area on whether you feel sympathy for the Joker or not, because of his thorough backstory”. Other praises of the film also included its sinister soundtrack, which accentuated the events perfectly.