The Rise of Skywalker: Movie Expectations


Credit: Disney Studios

Brock London

The new trailer for Rise of Skywalker dropped last week, and fans are in awe. It showed jaw-dropping graphics, with many new questions to the ending of the series. Supporters were not shy to show their opinions on the upcoming film, especially since Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi did not go in favor as said Tyler Davis (10) “I’m just gonna be honest. I thought it was really bad.” However, this film is welcoming back to JJ Abraham as director. Although he might not be loved by all he still managed to earn a higher score on rotten tomatoes with his film The Force Awakens. 

Hamilton Huskies were not all ecstatic for the film. Tyler Davis stated, “I have mixed feelings about it.” However, others like Robert Wickett (9) said, “It seemed very interesting. I can’t wait to see it.” 30 seconds into the last trailer, groups of Resistance soldiers are shown gathering around. This proves that despite the short strand of heroes at the end of The Last Jedi the Resistance has recovered in some way. Rey and Kylo Ren are rumored to be fighting on the remains of the Death Star. This shows an occurrence of the film using outdated technology and going back to its roots. A little later we get a scene in which Robert has described as being “very sad.” C-3po says that he is taking one last look at his friends.

The end of the saga is sure to be a Blockbuster! Huskies, make sure to show your love for the last film. After all, it is Star Wars.