Brahms: The Boy II

Patrick Shields

The original, The Boy, was a horror movie in which a young woman became convinced a creepy doll was alive. The doll was being cared for, and treated like a real boy, by an elderly couple who lost their son, Brahms, in a fire. However, in this movie, it was revealed that the doll was not alive at all. Instead, the real Brahms was still alive and was hiding in the walls of the mansion. With that twist, it seems making a sequel would be difficult. However, Brahms: The Boy 2, directed by William Brent Bell, doesn’t require the watcher to have seen the first film before this one. It repeats most of the plot from the first movie, just with new characters. 

The plot in the sequel is another redundant rehash of creepy doll movie clichés. However in this one, the characters are not that well developed and “the characters this time ended up making a lot of questionable decisions that made the movie way longer than it needed to be,” said Ty Cocoron (12). The parents in this movie don’t think until the last second that the doll might have some evil intentions, even after the doll has shown clear signs that it is sinister. Instead, because they are the typical helicopter parents who constantly cave into what their son says, they let him get away with most things while making a minimal effort to put their foot down. On top of that, “honestly, most of the family’s problems with the doll could have been fixed by a Google search on the doll’s history,” said Ryker Talbot (12). However, not only do they realize this way too late, but also the thought never even occurs to them that this random doll that their son found mysteriously in the woods might have some sort of history that would be documented online. Surprisingly, “the writing in this sequel makes less sense than the first movie, which was already confusing enough for me,” said Jessica Utoft (11). Honestly, it just seems like the writer made up some excuses as to why the movie couldn’t be over sooner like it would be in the real world with people that would use their brain.

All in all, the scares weren’t that bad, the pace is not fast enough, and the acting is not strong enough to save the movie. Quite frankly, it wasn’t the most engaging movie to watch; there’s nothing to the story or characters to keep the watcher hooked, no scares to entertain, and it doesn’t even have any interesting visuals that leave one speechless. To say the least, it was quite disappointing, but nevertheless it was a movie.