“Soul” Moves to Disney +


Christine Krenke

Last week, Pixar announced that they would be relocating their new animated film “Soul” to Disney +. The news was a shocking blow to Theater operators worldwide, many of whom were relying on the new movie for much-needed revenue. However, with concerns surrounding covid-19, Pixar decided it would be both safer and more financially beneficent to abandon the theatrical release.

Pixar still expects to garner millions of viewers for the film, despite it now only being available on Disney +. The movie’s creative storyline features middle-school music teacher Joe, who finds himself trapped in the “You Seminar”, a mystical land where souls develop. This unique and slightly existential concept is expected to fascinate both children and adults alike. As of now, the movie already has a 100% critic-rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and has been described as “beautiful”, “deep”, and “heavy” from numerous critics on the platform. 

“Soul” is scheduled to hit Disney + on December 25, Christmas Day. While it is not a particularly festive movie, the sweet, touching nature of the film makes it a must-see for the holidays.