PBS Kids retires “Caillou”



Christine Krenke

After 24 years on air, “PBS Kids” has officially retired “Caillou” from all broadcast and digital media. The show’s cancellation received mixed reactions throughout the country, with some ecstatic about the show’s leave and others disappointed to see the long-standing cartoon come to an end. 

Over the course of its run, “Caillou” received many criticisms about its choice to give the main character, Caillou, a wide-range of emotions and flaws. In several episodes, Caillou is seen throwing temper tantrums, bullying other children, and even talking back to his parents. While these episodes of bad behavior were meant to spark deep conversations between parents and kids, many adults thought Caillou’s behavior would rather influence their children to act out and misbehave. 

Though “Caillou” received a large collection of these complaints throughout the years, the overall reason for its retirement was its lack of relevance with today’s era of kids. In an interview with PEOPLE, one PBS spokesperson explained that “Caillou” would be taken off air “As part of ongoing efforts to continuously refresh offerings to meet the needs of today’s kids.” 

“PBS Kids” plans on filling Caillou’s air time with newer, more diverse shows that will better represent today’s generation of children.