Wandavision” Satisfies Fans of the MCU and Appeals to Critics

Christine Krenke

After a year-long hiatus from releasing movies and shows, Marvel kicked off 2021 with “Wandavision”, a Disney+ exclusive series focusing on the lives of Wanda Maximoff, a young woman with telekinetic powers, and Vision, her android husband. The story takes place in Westview, a small town that jumps between decades each episode. While Westview appears to be perfectly ordinary at first, it soon becomes clear to the audience that something far more sinister and mysterious is going down within the town. 

“Wandavision” has received mostly positive reviews from critics, earning a 92% tomatometer score and an 80% audience approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Adallis Pantry, a junior at Hamilton High School, is among the many that enjoys the series.

“As a firm fan of the MCU, I think that ‘Wandavision’ is an excellent extension to the films,” She told Husky Paw Print. “However, I don’t recommend watching it if you haven’t seen the movies because you’ll be horribly confused.” 

Makenzie Williams, another junior at Hamilton High School and big fan of the MCU, also enjoys the show. 

“‘Wandavision’ has a very interesting storyline and I like that we get a deeper look into Wanda as a character,” she explained to HPP. 

New episodes of “Wandavision” have premiered every Friday since January 15, with the final episode of the season set to air this Friday, March 5. If you love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, make sure to check out “Wandavision” only on Disney+.