Elon Musk’s SNL Skits Receive Heavy Criticism


Christine Krenke

Last Sunday, Elon Musk, founder of Space X and cofounder of Paypal, hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live. He starred in several skits over the course of the show, including Murdur Durdur, The Ooli Show, Cowboy Standoff, Chad on Mars, Post-Quarantine Conversation, Wario, and Gen Z Hospital. Most of the skits received harsh criticism, with viewers claiming Musk’s delivery and comedic timing were off throughout the whole episode. Other skits were praised, with viewers finding Musk’s somewhat awkward delivery amusing and beneficial to the skits. 

Adallis Pantry, a junior at Hamilton High School, was among those that despised Musk’s episode on SNL. Out of all the skits, she found “Gen Z Hospital” to be the most atrocious. 

“It dramatized our speech,” She explained to the Husky Paw Print.  “Our generation doesn’t even talk like that to adults. It was so bad I had to laugh. 

Do better SNL.”

Rolling Stone also found Musk’s appearance on SNL to be less than satisfactory. 

“It was just a 90 minute suck-up infomercial for the Tesla Mogul and his brands, especially his cryptocurrency Dogechain,” One Rolling Stone columnist claimed. “Every gag had the same punchline: He’s Elon Musk, and you’re not.” 

Several twitter users were on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, finding Musk’s performance to be entertaining and humorous.

“#ElonMusk was actually 1 of the more interesting guests hosts in a long time.” One user said.

“I think @elonmusk is awesome but after this, I have a whole new level of appreciation [for] the man!” Another tweeted. 

If you’re interested in seeing Musk’s performances, all skits are available for free on SNL’s youtube channel.