ASU Gammage Starts Off their Fall Showing Season with Huge Broadway Hits

ASU Gammage Starts Off their Fall Showing Season with Huge Broadway Hits

Anita Duncan

ASU Gammage returns to showings in their 2020-2021 run with both new and classic hit shows. They recently unveiled that the season list includes “Hamilton,” “Mean Girls”, “My Fair Lady” and “Mannheim Steamroller Christmas”.

This is exciting news not only for the shows themselves, but because the theatre is able to host them at all. ASU Gammage was one of the many places that was affected by COVID-19, which meant that  all of their showings were either cancelled or postponed. This year though, the theatre is ready to get back into their Broadway season.

The first of this run is the Tony award winning “Hamilton”. “Hamilton” is a sung and rapped through musical written by Lin Manuel Miranda. It’s premise is the life and accomplishments of the musical’s namesake, Alexander Hamilton. This show found huge success in the broadway world, winning 11 Tony awards in 2016. It was so popular, a professionally shot (proshot) movie of the musical was made and released in 2020. This was one of the shows postponed last year, but now it’s scheduled to make its comeback on Sep. 8!

The second musical in this run is “Mean Girls”, composed by Tina Fey. This musical is based on the popular movie of the same title, “Mean girls”. This coming of age musical has themes of friendship, loyalty and being true to yourself, all delivered with humorous songs. This show will begin on Nov. 2, and go on until Nov. 7.

Taking a turn away from the previous modern musicals, the one coming next is a broadway classic; “My Fair Lady”. The musical is about a cockney girl who goes to take lessons from a professor so that she can pass as a ‘high class lady’. The word ‘classic’ was used because this musical was written in 1954 by Frederick Loewe, and then debuted on Broadway in 1956. It was received well, earning the composer a tony award and the main actress a nomination. The locals here will be able to appreciate it soon since it will be coming to the theatre Dec. 7.

The last show is a step away from the others seeing as it isn’t a musical. “Mannheim Steamroller” is a new age music group, known for its blending of classical music with modern rock. For this performance, they’ll be performing “Mannheim Steamroller Christmas”, which is the material they originally got famous for. Their previously mentioned blending of music types made for fresh takes on Christmas music, gaining them popularity. They take the title of  number one christmas artist of all time, given that they’ve sold over 31 million albums. It’s coming to ASU Gammage at the perfect time too, they’re performance is scheduled only 3 days after Christmas.

The season list has been met with a lot of excitement from both ASU Gammage patrons and newcomers. Hopefully local theatre lovers will be able to catch at least one of the showings knowing that this season starts Sep. 8 with “Hamilton” and ends Dec. 28 with “Mannheim Steamroller Christmas”!