YNW Melly’s “Pieces” was Produced from Behind Bars


Aidan Polk

YNW Melly recently collaborated with Queen Nijah on his new song “Pieces”. This song’s music video was released two months ago on YouTube. This song is a part of Melly’s new album “Just a matter of Slime.” Most of his songs in this album were produced from behind bars.

In February 2019 Melly was charged with two counts of first degree murder. The artist even wrote a song called ‘Murder on my Mind’ about the insident before being incarserated. He was charged with killing two of his best friends, but Melly claims it was all an accident. Melly pleaded guilty and has been incarcerated at Broward County Jail ever since. 

Despite being behind bars, Melly has managed to continue his music career from prison. He has collaborated with many artists including Queen Nijah, a friend of Melly’s. In the music video for ‘Pieces’ Melly’s brother, YNW Bslime, is showcast as Melly. Queen Nijah is also in the music video, but is only showcased in a small part of it. Overall it is a pretty catchy song, and I find it impressive that Melly was able to create this song from behind bars.