Encanto Trailer Review


Aidan Polk

Disney released a trailer  two months ago for a new animation movie called Encanto. This movie is expected to be released Nov. 24, 2021. The cast is mostly composed of hispanic actors and actresses. This Disney film already has many fans lining up to get tickets! After watching this trailer, I’m looking forward to this movie being released.

The trailer doesn’t explain nearly anything about the movie, most likely because it is only the first trailer. Usually, the second trailer has more details regarding the film. Nevertheless, this film seems to be lighthearted and fun, like most Disney animations are. In the trailer we got a sneak peek at the music as well as the problem in this movie. The main character in this movie is a girl who lives in a family full of very special people. The girl wants to find something special about herself as well so she doesn’t feel left out. 

This storyline seems like it’s going to be interesting as well as helpful. Kids who believe they are not special could benefit from seeing how the girl in this film overcomes feeling bland. I can hardly wait to see the second trailer to this movie, and hopefully get some more details on the storyline.