Festivals in Arizona Aren’t Stopping for COVID, They’re Getting More Creative!

Festivals in Arizona Aren’t Stopping for COVID, Theyre Getting More Creative!

Anita Duncan

Even though fears of COVID-19 are steadily rising, the festival goers of Arizona can rest assured that the performance art they love is still going strong. The year is quickly coming to a close, but that time is still chock full of events that’ll expose the attendees to an impressive range of music and art. Here are two of the local festivals that are happening this month. 

The first is the Goldrush Music Festival, which is happening as soon as the end of this month. This event is for the hip hop and electronic fans that want to experience the colors of fall in a new light. The festival is one made to celebrate the 1828 discovery of gold by Dahlonega, hence the name “Goldrush”. Because of what it’s for, the concert’s theme is The Wild West time period the gold was found in. The theme isn’t one that holds the event back though, the festival still rages and gets rowdy like any other crowd would. They recently revealed the line up of performers too, the headliners including Above and Below, Diplo, Illenium, and many more of that genre. If that’s the kind of music you’re into, then this is definitely the festival to catch. It’ll be happening over the span of three days from Sept. 24-26 in Chandler.

The second Festival happening this month is HOCO Fest. The event is held at the Hotel Congress, a historic place in Arizona. That hotel is where John Dillinger and his crew of criminals were caught because of a fire. The entire event is all about celebrating Tucson’s history (even the Hotel’s), and the unique borderlands culture it’s created. With such a wide theme, the lineup of performers and artists is incredibly distinctive and varied. There will be workshops and guest lectures, genre defying music, art fairs, pool parties and more spanning the five days of the event. This festival is also one of the first on the entire west coast to go completely solar powered, something that shows how much it respects the environment that makes the event possible. Even if you’re not a Tucson native, the art and music is something worth going for. The Exact date is still TBA, but stick around on their website for updates!

Even in hard times, festivals continue to be a place where people get to listen to new music, celebrate history, and see art.Those two festivals are just proof that despite COVID, the performance art of festivals isn’t slowing down.  There are many more in this month alone, but those are two of the local festivals you should definitely check out.