Student Interview: What is your Style?

Evelyn Rosales

Jerrod Sekayumptewa is a sophomore at Hamilton High School. When asked how he would describe his style he responded,  “I would describe my style as basic.” He later goes on to say, “I have multiple online shops I shop from, which can range from various Instagram websites.” Sekayumptewa prefers to shop in stores and feels the most comfortable in a hoodie and pants. He wears white shirts and jeans often but likes jeans without rips rather than jeans with rips. 

When it comes to shoes, Sekayumptewa definitely has exceptional taste. “I mainly love Jordans but I can switch up my taste depending on the outfit”. He adds, “I have exactly 16 pairs of shoes in my rotation”. It doesn’t take much time for him to find what to wear and “throws on whatever goes with each other”. When questioned if his clothing matches his lifestyle, he replied, “I feel like it does because most of the time I just dress casual enough to be well dressed.” Sekayumptewa is a person who’s interested in what he wears and knows how to pull it off.