Taylor Swift Releases “Wildest Dreams”

Taylor Swift Releases Wildest Dreams

Melanie Roloff

Fans of Taylor Swift got a great surprise on Friday Sept. 17 when Swift unexpectedly announced that “Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)” is out now on music platforms. This was such a big shock because fans only knew about “Red (Taylor’s Version)” coming out in November, and nothing on “1989 (Taylor’s Version).”

Swift has been rerecording her previous albums so that she can own them and the money actually goes to her, and calling them “*album name* (Taylor’s Version).” The first one to be released was the rerecording of “Fearless”, and on June 18, 2021, it was announced that the rerecording of “Red” would be released in November. 

A song of Swift’s from an album called “1989” has been trending on TikTok, the song is “Wildest Dreams”. Using context clues, people think she released her version because it was trending, and to hint that the “1989” rerecording will come out next. All summer, people on TikTok have been theorizing that she would release a “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” announcement sometime in the summer, and they were right. 

Swift tends to do a lot of unexpected announcements, constantly leaving her fans on the edge of their seats. Who knows what she will do next? All I know is that she has not been disappointing and is an incredibly unique individual.