Why Don’t We’s “Grey” is Beautifully Written and Produced

Sumaiyah Ashraf

On their most recent album, the boyband Why Don’t We has a song which catches a lot of people’s attention. Their sixth track on “The Good Times and the Bad Ones” is something most fans weren’t expecting. 

Why Don’t We is an American boy band consisting of 5 members, Corbyn Besson, Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery, Jonah Marais, and Zach Herron. They formed in 2016, debuting with their single “Taking You” with over 30 million views as of September of 2021. They currently have two albums both which have songs which have played on the radio! Their most current album, so far, is their best work! With many hits and gaining them many fans.

The boys showed off the song for the first time just a day before their album was released making the song a single. Instead of doing a normal music video for the single, they instead did a live video and livestreamed it on YouTube for everyone to see them sing right there and then! Many fans were shocked after watching it, as many were blown-away from the vocals. The song itself consists of a lot of high notes so many fans were surprised in a good way. 

Lyrics like, “I can’t believe I let you go,” and “I walked away, when you came to stay,”  prove that this song is about a potential break-up. Fans still don’t know who exactly this song is about, however in the bands podcast, “The Good Times and the Bad Ones Influences” where they talked about what inspired them about each track on their album, Besson talked about how around the same time Seavey and Marais were writing “Grey,” he broke up with his four year relationship with his now ex-girlfriend, Christina Harris. Corbyn talked about how while hearing the song for the first time, he felt regret from breaking up with her and felt very sad for a long period of time. Along that, his bandmate, Marais also commented on how his past break-ups inspired him too. So, in conclusion, fans don’t know exactly who this song is about. Seavey and Marais were the two writers for this song, and claimed that the lyrics for the song just came to them.

The music video itself portrays the song perfectly. It is set in a grey room, with fog and dim lights surrounding them. The 5 boys are sitting in the middle, with Marais playing the piano a bit to the side. The boys are sitting on stools which are right next to the piano. The live orchestra is behind them, playing the music of the song which is very beautiful. The video starts off with Marais singing, then the boys humming in unison followed by Besson singing, then Avery. The video continues the boys singing, each singing their solo parts then the chorus. 

Overall, the music video is beautifully written, as well as the song. Anyone who is going through a rough time will love the song. Even if you aren’t, this song will definitely make anyone get the feels. So, if you are into slow, sad songs I recommend you to watch or listen to this song. It definitely won’t disappoint you!