Trendy Halloween Costumes


Evelyn Rosales

Halloween is approaching and it’s time to get in the spirit! Halloween is a time of year for people to embrace freedom and have a great time. Whether you decide to do a group costume or dress solo, celebrate and have a few scares along the way. Dressing up for Halloween has no age limit. So, what will you be this year?

If you are thinking of dressing solo, there are many options as to what to wear. Some trendy costumes are fairies or clowns. Some simple costumes would be a pirate, joker, or athlete. These costumes are easy to find and make yourself. 

Group costumes are also an exceptional way to celebrate Halloween with friends. If there is only a group of two, some amazing ideas would be to go as opposites. A few costumes like this would be an angel and a devil or the sun and moon. Although, if your group is larger, there is a greater variety of choices. A wonderful costume idea would be for everyone to go as a different character from a horror film. For example; some characters could be Chucky, Jason, Michael Myers, Ghost Face, etc. In addition, the entire group can go as soldiers or dress as participants of “The Purge.” 

Get in the Halloween spirit and dress up this year. There are different ways people celebrate Halloween but dressing up is one of its oldest traditions. Whether you choose a solo or group costume, seize the moment to express yourself for Halloween.