“Clifford the Big Red Dog” Live Action Movie Trailer Review

Aidan Polk

The early 2000’s children’s tv series, “Clifford the Big Red Dog,” is being made into a live action movie! This is a classic PBS Kids show that I am excited to see turned into a movie. We can infer a lot about the film based on the trailer, so here’s my take on it!

In the trailer Emily Elizabeth is seen getting Clifford when he is still a little puppy. Elizabeth picked Clifford out of the bunch of puppies due to his unique red coloring. Elizabeth took him home and within days he had grown to be the size of her house! 

Clifford’s size attracts the attention of a genetics company that wishes to supersize animals. To protect Clifford, Elizabeth and her Uncle Casey have to go on a run across New York City. The trailer portrays the movie to be a fun yet dangerous adventure!

I’m very excited to see this movie. Not only does the plot seem interesting, but the cast is cool too! Darby Camp is casted as Elizabeth and she was casted in “The Christmas Chronicles” in which she played her part very well. I am expecting a lot from this movie!