Harry Styles’s “Love On Tour” Comes to Glendale!

Harry Styles’s “Love On Tour” Comes to Glendale!

Anita Duncan

After performing in San Jose Calif., Harry Styles performed in Glendale this weekend! He performed at the Gila River Arena, wearing a signature stylish outfit and pulling out people’s favorite tracks in his setlist. Local Harry fans were so excited to see him perform here, the tickets sold out in the blink of an eye!

Love On Tour was originally started in support of second album, “Fine Line,” but like most things it had to be postponed when the restrictions of COVID-19 hit. After the height of lockdown passed, the tour was expected to get back on its feet. Harries (the name of his fans) were disappointed everywhere though when the tour got cancelled once again. Styles has spoken about his desire for everyone to be safe going to his concerts, so he had no choice but to push the date. Luckily, late into this year, COVID restrictions were eased and people were able to get vaccinated so the tour was finally back on! It started on Sept. 4 and this past weekend it finally made it to Arizona.

Like the tour dates before this, Styles didn’t disappoint when it came to his performance and wardrobe. When he came out onto the stage, fans were blown away by the simple cream top and patterned sequin pants he wore. He knew how to get the crowd even more excited when he started his setlist with the beloved song “Golden” and continued to run through the rest of his album “Fine Line.” Around the end of the concert he sprinkled in songs from other albums like “Sign of the Times” and even a throwback One Direction song, “What Makes You Beautiful.”

In an interview Styles expressed that his love of performing on this tour was because of it being “A room full of people just loving each other,” which the people who attended the concert were sure to feel. Like most concerts, this wasn’t professionally recorded, but there are many clips on youtube now that people have had a chance to upload them. Don’t worry if you’re a die hard fan, all the songs he performed were ones from his albums, so you can go listen to them anytime!