Jin from BTS Sings the Theme Song for an Ongoing Korean Drama

Sumaiyah Ashraf

Kim Seokjin or better known as Jin from BTS sings the theme song for a Korean drama and it broke records! The song, titled “Yours”, was the first Korean OST (original soundtrack) to enter Spotify’s Global Chart. 

On Nov. 11 the song debuted at No.. 44 on Spotify Global Chart. Both Spotify Korea and the World Music awards confirmed it! This was the biggest debut for any Korean OST to date. In the first 15 hours of being released,”Yours” received more than 1.4 million streams. The first release got a little more than 1 million streams, the same as the second day. Overall, the song has 3,432,406 streams making this song the fastest Korean solo OST to pass 3 million streams. The song also quickly reached the top of the charts when it was released on iTunes. On Nov. 8 early morning Korea time the song reached No. 1 on iTunes in multiple countries, such as the United States, Japan, and France. This song set a new record for K-pop songs released in 2021.

The song itself is a theme song for the Korean drama, “Jirisan.” “Jirisan” is a mystery drama that stars Jun Ji-Hyun and Ju Ji-Hoon. The drama is about these two park rangers that investigate mysteries that happen around Jirisan mountain, facing many challenges along the way. The show debuted on Oct. 23 and is ongoing. The show itself is in Korean however English subtitles are available. The K-drama currently has 16 episodes. 

The show itself is filmed in a national park. The park service hopes this show will boost the publicity of the park, allowing more people to come and enjoy it. Director Lee Eung Bok said that he believes that “Jirisan” will help promote the value of national parks, making more people visit them. 

If you are interested in watching the drama, it can be found on tvN! If you want to listen to the song, it can be found almost everywhere such as Apple Music and Spotify.