Fashion’s Influence on the World


Evelyn Rosales

Have you ever stopped to think about how everyday events impact the Earth? The fashion industry strives to install confidence in societies, but have you ever wondered how it can hurt them? Fashion is a vast contributor to climate change. From water pollution to greenhouse gasses, The fashion industry is doing a great extent of damage to Earth. 

Among many things, The production of fashion products causes water pollution.  Wastewater toxins are being released and contaminate bodies of water. The manufacturing of fashion-related products also dries up water sources. The quality of water affects all living organisms and the future of our planet. So, why not protect our natural resources?

Greenhouse gasses reflect radiation that the Earth emits, as a result temperatures rise. A rise in temperatures can negatively affect many organisms. Many greenhouse gases are natural, but immense amounts of them come from human activities. The fashion industry releases greenhouse gasses due to energy used, manufacturing, and transportation. 

Fast fashion is inexpensive clothing produced rapidly in response to the latest trends. Although this satisfies consumers, fast fashion has an enormous environmental footprint for its production and disposal. If new products continue in rapid creation, Earth’s temperatures will proceed to rise. 

If dinosaurs went extinct, what makes people think humans are indestructible? There is no reset button but precautions can be taken to help keep Earth healthy. Fashion, among many other things, causes damage to Earth. Greenhouse emission, water pollution, and fast fashion just to name a few. But by monitoring and keeping a balance, Earth will be able to exist for many more generations.