Review on ENHYPEN’s “FEVER” Music Video


Sumaiyah Ashraf

K-pop group, ENHYPEN has a music video for their title track for their most recent album, “DIMENSION: DILEMMA.” The title track is called, “FEVER” and is a very popular song not only in the K-pop industry but even in the western world!

The group, ENHYPEN, formed in 2020 by a game show called I-LAND. After the members won, they were put under HYBE LABELS to start their career as K-pop idols. Their debut single, “Given-Taken” was a big hit and gained them many fans. The group has seven members: Jungwon, Heesung, Sunoo, Jake, Jay, Sunghoon and NI-KI. 

Usually, the groups under BigHit Entertainment/HYBE LABELS have some sort of storyline to their music videos and ENHYPEN is no exception! Their storyline started in their “Given-Taken” video and still continues to their most recent music video. The storylines take place in another universe known as the “Big Hit Universe.” 

The music video itself starts with leader Jungwon running and member Heesung reaching out into the camera with eerie, classical music playing in the background. The actual song hasn’t started playing yet. The running transitions into the other members and ends with Jungwon going into a room with the other members in it standing still. Then continues to run while Heesung gets consumed in black smoke. 

The music video starts with Jake singing, transitioning to the other members as they sing. One thing that caught my attention was their dance moves when the chorus comes. It is very smooth and well coordinated, proving they worked hard to make it as perfect as possible. Their outfits were also cool. Some members wore black leather pants while others wore black cargo pants. Their tops were in an arrangement of neon green, orange, white and black. They also all wore black chunky boots. Every outfit was different but still coordinating with each other.  

The choreography for the main chorus actually looked pretty easy and seemed that anyone who attempted to learn it could do it. The line distribution throughout the song was also very good, allowing every member to sing.

Overall, I really liked this music video. I think it was made well and the aesthetic of it also matched the song. My favorite part was the outfits, as they were very stylish and trendy. If you are interested in watching the music video, you can find it on YouTube under HYBE LABELS official YouTube channel!