Megan Thee Stallion Surprises BTS Fans Everywhere with a Performance of a BTS Remix


Anita Duncan

Two days ago on Monday, rapper Megan Thee Stallion made a surprise appearance at a BTS concert to perform a remix of the hit song “Butter.” This was completely out of the blue for BTS fans who had come to see the group on day two of their “Permission to Dance” concert, but it was instantly welcomed!

Before this iconic performance, both BTS and Megan were at the American Music Awards show and both got recognized! BTS took home favorite pop group, favorite pop song, and the highly coveted artist of the year award! This was their third time in a row winning best pop song, but they hit a major milestone when getting artist of the year. BTS wasn’t the only group winning awards though, Megan took home just as many! She won best female hip-hop artist, best trending song for “Body,” and best hip-hop album for “Good news,.”

Fans of both artists were on a high after their sweep of the AMAS, so none of them could’ve predicted a concert with both of them in it! At the end of their concert, BTS was performing some of their most popular songs when Megan dropped in to perform their remix of “Butter.”  With BTS wearing all pastel colors and Megan wearing a pastel pink romper covered in bows, they gave a performance that became instantly iconic.

No one could have predicted this team up, but fans of both artists are so glad it exists. Don’t worry if you weren’t able to see the performance live, there are already many fancams of it online so everyone can experience it!