John Mulaney Announces His First Tour Since 2019: From Scratch

John Mulaney Announces His First Tour Since 2019: From Scratch

Anita Duncan

This Monday, Comedian John Mulaney announces his return to performing with his tour: “From Scratch.” His last work before this was all the way in 2019, with Clusterfest 2019. In between then, he announced that he would be going to rehab and didn’t know when his next work would be. After waiting patiently, his fans have been rewarded with the tour dates for 2022!

Mulaney isn’t a stranger to performing, his career has carried him to several high places in the comedy industry and beyond. He got his start doing stand up like most comedians, and got hired at comedy central after one’s his shows was scouted. After some success there, he decided he wanted to be more in charge of his own career, and quit to start working freelance. His opportunities only got bigger and better after that. He began to write for “Saturday Night Live” where he won several emmys, co creating shows like “Big Mouth” and even voice acting for movies like “Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse.”

When in December 2020 he announced he was going to rehab, he was met with a lot of love and well wishes from his fans. For a while, there was no news on how he was doing or what he planned to do next, but on Dec. 7 2021 he announced his new show! When talking about the show, he says that it’s named “From Scratch” because he wanted to start his new work on a clean slate. 

It’s safe to say that his fans are excited, ever since the announcement shows have been quickly selling out everywhere a show is listed. That means If you want tickets, it’s best to act fast! They can easily be bought online through ticketmaster and resellers now!