Salter House’s New Collection


Ashna Singh

Have you been searching for comfortable yet structured clothing but have not had any luck yet? Well, there’s no need to look any further. Sandeep Salter’s new collection of daywear is cotton core at its finest.

Sandeep Salter is the founder of Salter House, a family-owned and operated cafe and housewares shop.

Salter’s new clothing collection includes day dresses and day shirts that are roomy but crisp, with cuffs and collars. Her inspiration for the sleeves come from the Vermeer Paintings. Her collection also includes bloomer pants which come from a traditional Indian pajama suit cut that Salter grew up wearing. The corsets included in this collection are described as a “wonderfully problematic garment” which can be worn alone or with layers.

Salter’s designs are best described as Grand Millennial or cottage core as they are filled with synthetic fabric and floral prints. “I think cottagecore has become a fantasy life, and I would really not want to be part of that. We live this way!” Salter exclaims.