BTS Have Instagram Accounts?!


Sumaiyah Ashraf

After the announcement back in December that the BTS members will be going on a well deserved break, each member opened an individual Instagram account! Just hours after it being released, they all gained many followers and already had gotten verified. 

Not only is the whole thing a surprise already, but many ARMY’s are surprised at the chosen usernames each member picked for the accounts. RM (@rkive), Jin (@jin), Suga (@agustd), J-Hope (@uarmyhope), Jimin (@j.m), V (@thv), and Jungkook (@abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz). ARMY’s are especially surprised at Jungkook’s username as he took the entire alphabet but left out the letters: J and K. Personally, I think this is really creative. 

Not only that but also one of their juniors, Yeonjun of TXT, also opened a personal Instagram account, It has also gained many followers and is verified. As of right now, the four other TXT members have not opened one yet, however from a Vlive the group said that they can open one whenever they want as their company is allowing it. So, who knows maybe they will open one later!

Be sure to check out their Instagram accounts. They each have their own aesthetic and type of content they post on there!