Marvel’s Multiverse of Madness Trailer


Melanie Roloff

This Super Bowl Sunday, or Feb. 13, Marvel released their official “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” trailer on the internet. The movie is scheduled for release on May 6.


This movie was hinted at in the “What If… Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?” episode of the show “What If…?” and there was a teaser featuring him and Wanda Maximoff at the end of “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” This movie will be about Doctor Strange and the multiverse, which was explored in the latest “Spider-Man” movie. 


In the trailer, we see two familiar faces, Strange and Maximoff. There appears to be an evil version of Strange, which was also explored in the “What If…?” episode, where Strange was blinded by grief, misused his powers, and caused the world to collapse. Strange seems to be at large conflict during the trailer and it appears that he asks the Scarlet Witch, or Maximoff, for her help.


Marvel fans around the world are excited to get to the theater and watch this movie. I am anxious to see where it takes the Marvel universe, and I hope all is good.