“Stranger Things” Season Four News


Melanie Roloff


On Feb. 17, the Duffer Brothers, (writers of the show), announced news on the upcoming season of “Stranger Things” on the internet to give the world an update. The upcoming season will be the fourth season of this popular series.


The Duffers shared that this will be the longest season yet, almost two times the length of the previous seasons. Due to the length, they are releasing it in two volumes. Volume one will be released on May 27, and volume two will be released on July 1, 2022. The brothers, along with many other cast members, have been repeating the phrase “every ending has a beginning.” This is either because the last season of the show will be season five, or because something will happen in the new season that leads up to the ending. 


Each member of the cast shared the news on their Instagram, and the picture they posted was their character in their poster. Each poster is a group of characters with their backs facing the camera, walking towards something that looks like the “upside down” portal. Two things fans have already noticed from the posters are that they are all walking to the same place but in different settings, and that Max Mayfield is the only one looking back at the camera. This is similar to how Eleven and Will Byers were the only ones looking at the cameras in the season three posters. 


Fans around the world couldn’t be more excited and anxious for the new season, and I myself can’t wait to see how the show will blow my mind this time.