Ashe’s “Another Man’s Jeans” Song Review


Melanie Roloff

Solo singer Ashe, who sang “Moral of the Story” with Niall Horan, released her new song called “Another Man’s Jeans” on Feb. 3 on music platforms because she has been promoting it on social media and finally released it.


To me, this song is very catchy and gives off summer beach trip vibes. There are interesting instruments used, what sounds like a güiro in the background and some guitar. It has some fun vocals and brings up my spirits when I listen to it. 


The song has been made into a transition trend on Tik Tok, where people start out with their “before” look, wait for the beat drop, and use that to transition into their “after” look. 


Overall, I liked the song and added it to my playlist. I am excited to see what music she brings us next.