“As It Was” Review


Melanie Roloff

Harry Styles released a new song on April 1 on music platforms to tease at his new album, “Harry’s House,” coming out May 20. 

This song starts out with a child’s voice saying “Come on Harry, we wanna say goodnight to you!” and then goes to a catchy beat and the song starts. The main chorus is “you know it’s not the same as it was, as it was, as it was.” It is pretty upbeat throughout, except for a few slower parts. 

Styles also put out a music video to go with the song, in which he is walking around, singing to the camera and dancing in strange, abstract rooms. 

I think the song is about trying to forget something from the past and move on, but still holding on to it even though you don’t want to. 

Overall I really like the song and am excited to listen to the album.