Thee Sinseers Brings Neo-Soul to Tiny Desk NPR


Anita Duncan

The band Thee Sinseers and singer Joey Quinones performed at Tiny Desk NPR and showcased their amazing blend of old soul music and Chicano culture. This makes it possible for the sounds of Chicano boleros and mariachi and African American soul and R&B to come back into relevancy. 

They pay homage to all these different forms of music along with their own twists in their set of four songs, “What’s His Name,” Hold On,” “Lovin’ You,” and “There Must Be Something.”

Most of the song’s lyrics have to do with a popular theme of songs from the era they’re emulating; heartbreak. The band members Joey Quinones and Adriana Flores trade off using their vocalist expertise on the set list, but on songs like “Lovin’ You” they enlist the voices of the entire band to shout the chorus and add to the power of the Lyrics.

I highly recommend checking out this performance even if this isn’t your usual type of music. Watching this made me nostalgic for a time I wasn’t even around for. You can check it out on the Tiny Desk NPR website or on YouTube!