“Stranger Things” Season Four Premiere Party


Melanie Roloff

The cast of the Netflix original series “Stranger Things” attended the season four premiere in New York City on May 14 because the newest season comes out next Friday. 

At the premiere, cast members were interviewed. They were asked a few questions about their character and each interview ended with a fan poll on whether they preferred Eggos or Surfer Boy Pizza, if they would rather fight the Mind Flayer or Vecna, and if they like Steve Harrington or Eddie Munson’s hair better. 

Some things we learned are that each of the teenagers get a chance to explore and figure themselves out, and that this season is no doubt the most intense and dark one yet. 

Aside from interviews, the cast lined up for photos and had a fun looking after party. They seem very excited to be able to release the new season after a three year wait.