Student Tyler Jaiani Awosika’s Style


Katerina Archipov

Student, rapper and songwriter Tyler Jaiani Awosika always shows up to school in very memorable fits. “It’s timeless ,” Tyler said when describing his style. 

Today, Tyler wore an “un-ironed” white t-shirt, dark blue jorts (jean shorts), black socks, and dark brown Gore-Tex Air Force One Nikes. He paired the outfit with a red-velvet durag, wrap-around glasses and a silver chain.

Tyler decided to give some advice to those struggling with their choice of style: “Go in your closet and find the coolest shirt you have. I would rerun the same shirt everyday but with a different pair of bottoms. So, you can let people know that is your shirt.”

He told me, “At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter what you wear.” As long as you are expressing yourself there is no right way to dress.