K-Pop Band BTS Announces Four-Year Hiatus For Required Military Service

Solenn Vincent

On Oct. 17, 2022, the popular Korean-pop boy-band BTS announced their upcoming hiatus to fans’ shock and horror. The hiatus results from South Korea’s mandatory military service by capable young men due to heightening tensions with North Korea. All seven members will be required to complete the service, which means the group will likely reunite in 2025.

Kim Seok-jin, the oldest member at 29-years-old, plans to enlist at the end of October. The South Korean government gave Seok-jin a delay in enlisting in 2020, when he turned 28, due to BTS’ massive international success. It was the first time in history the government had offered a delay to a K-pop star.

South Korea will lose billions of dollars in revenue due to the band’s hiatus,  one of their main sources of entertainment revenue.

BTS Army, the group’s fanbase, share their reactions online to the unfortunate news. Many are heartbroken, but they are sending wishes and prayers of safety to the band members.