Angela Lansbury Dies at 97

Liyah Cross

Dame Angela Bridid Lansbury passes away at 97 years old. She was an Irish-British/American actress and singer who was born Oct. 16, 1925 in London, United Kingdom. She started in drama television series “Murder, she wrote” and “Beauty and The Beast” and lots of other movies and television shows.

Another one of her known movies was “Gaslight” she started in her teen years. Angela was a very known and loved actor and received awards for her achievements. She says in a interview about one of her movies that she played in she states “I was never going to get to play the girl next door, and I was never going to be groomed to be a glamorous movie star, and I sort of realized that, so I had to make peace with myself on that score.” She enjoyed her acting career.

She was married to Richard Comwell, an American actor from 1945-1946. She then married again from 1949 to 2003 to Peter Shaw, an English actor and additional producer. Angela has 2 children by her late husband and has three grandchildren.

Unfortunately Angela Lansbury, reported by family to have died five days before her 97th birthday on Oct. 11 2022 in Los Angeles, Calif. There has yet to be any clarification on what caused her death nor where exactly she was found to be dead.