Coperni Resort Fashion Collection 2023

Katerina Archipov

Ever since Bella Hadid modeled the spray-on dress by Coperni for Paris Fashion Week, the designer brand took off. Coperni presents their 2023 resort collection featuring model Kiki Willems.

The collection focuses on progressive styles as well as incorporating tech accessories, such as Apple Airpods. Exciting colored accessories and spandex were used to symbolize smartphone icons. Spiral-shaped heel shapes represented old school landline telephones. Metallic-colored lace with scientific fabrics followed the futuristic vibe the collection was portraying. Rocking colors and patterns against a Parisian monochrome background created a remarkable image. 

Sébastien Meyer and Arnuad Vaillant are the masterminds behind the brand. Meyer describes the resort collection as a “spontaneous pleasure.”