The New Favorite of Fashion Shows; Faux Fur

Jesu Coria

The spring 2023 couture offering for Schiaparelli and opened by Daniel Roseberry, who opened the doors to hell in many ways during this season. The collection, inspired by Dante Alighieri’s “Inferno” fed the flames of the online discourse.

 Shalom Harlow walked down the runways in a cocktail dress completely covered in a facsimile of a leopard’s snowy pelt, replete with a snarling head at the bust; Irina Shayk also topped with a feline and a velvet column. Naomi Campbell is not the exception for the trend, dressed in a fur coat and a wolf’s snout that popped from the left shoulder.

 The conversation starter, faux fur, is crafted from foam, resin, wool, and hand painted silk faux fur. Roseberry has clearly taken a side, whether wealth should whisper or roar.

 Tens of thousands comments have been made over Schiaparelli’s creations. Disturbing, disgusting, and shameful with a side of anger have been some of the descriptions critics gave regarding the collection, some nicer ones summed their feelings with “Bad idea! Bad taste!” A man made leopard transformed itself into the cruelty of killing a real one.

The pieces that glorify the game of hunting fail to show the real consequences; environmental and ethical damage that exists in the faux fur production. Made from polyester and non-biodegradable fiber, it expects to reach $174.7 billion in sales by 2032. The result of the aesthetic experiment turns away from the attention of how we consume other animals products in fashion, such as leather from cows that is made to waste, or the issue with the farming practices in the food industry. 

Goes without saying that shows like the Schiaparelli demonstrate that there is no taste without bad, faux fur.