CGNY Fashion Show in Japan


Katerina Archipov

The Japan Society of New York hosted a fashion show on Saturday, Jan. 28 for Concept Foreign Garments New York, or CGNY. Designers Tin Nguyen, Daniel Chew, Kirsten Kilponen and Ten Izu are the designers behind the brand. The fashion show featured their fourth collection called Fashion Max 2. 

The collection contained 35 looks designed in Vietnam. The designs brought major nostalgia as 1980s polos were featured with checked trousers, striped track pants and visors. Inspired by Asian hairstyles from the early 1900s, loose waves were commonly worn amongst the models. 

The night was centered around community and heritage. Designer Daniel Chew stated,“We’re trying to find kinship, connection, and solidarity while also trying to figure out an identity in a different way than what we’ve seen it talked about basically.”