Rihanna’s Controversial Super Bowl Halftime Show


Solenn Vincent

On Sunday, Feb. 12, the highly-anticipated SuperBowl Halftime Show was performed by Rihanna. After seven years since her last performance, fans were eager to see her return to the stage. During that period, Rihanna has focused on her popular beauty brand Fenty Beauty and become a mother of a son with rapper A$AP Rocky in May. 

As the show drew closer, fans heavily speculated her setlist, because many of her songs have been Billboard top 100 and are popular in today’s pop culture. Additionally, the question of what guest stars would appear alongside her was heavily discussed. Rihanna has collaborated with many artists such as Shakira, Eminem and Kanye. 

The halftime show did not disappoint. Donned in red as a sharp contrast to the white-garbed dancers around her, she made a statement. While the show was relatively relaxed compared to previous halftimes, it allowed her vocals to truly shine. She played many of her popular songs, ending in an emotional rendition of “Diamonds” suspended several hundred feet in the air. 

Rihanna did not include any guest stars, highlighting her capability as an independent female artist. She performed her section of “All The Lights,” where many people feared Kanye would appear. 

A couple iconic moments from her show included her promotion of Fenty Beauty with her reapplication of makeup and sporting a baby bump. After the show, representatives announced her second pregnancy. 

Rihanna’s show received mixed reviews from viewers. Some were disappointed she did not make it as flashy as she could have, others thoroughly enjoyed the setup. 

People hope that this return to the stage implies another studio album, while others think her performance symbolized the end of a chapter, where the star will focus on her family and beauty company.