Best Celebrity Fashion Moments From Coachella Weekend One


Katerina Archipov

The first weekend of the annual Coachella festival took place in Indio, Calif. The festival kicked off Friday, April 14, 2023. Artists and bands like Frank Ocean, Blink-182, Rosalía, Bad Bunny, Blackpink and Billie Eillish performed. Many celebrities, off and on the stage, embraced the festival-wear look, including fringe, denim and lace. 

Blackpink coordinated their outfits with the colors of their group: black and pink. The outfits had silver additions and cutouts. Kali Uchis performed in a matching denim halter top and miniskirt detailed with blue butterflies. She finished her look off with knee-high denim boots. Surprise performer Tyler the Creator wore a Golf le Fleur shirt, khaki shorts, a bucket hat, and socks and sandals. Bad Bunny rocked a Eli Russel Linnetz colorful puffer jacket. The rock band Blondie stuck to disco-themed outfits. Lead singer Debbie Harry was styling in a reflective cape. Billie Eillish went grunge with a black R13 jacket and chunky sneakers. Camila Cabello was seen at the Neon Carnival in a brown acid-wash denim set with a Chanel necklace.  

There were many different styles of clothing that shined last weekend. As the final weekend of Coachella approaches us, people are revamping their wardrobe and are getting ready to give their all these last few days.