Coachella’s First Weekend Recap


Solenn Vincent

The popular music festival Coachella started over the weekend of April 14, 2023 to a highly-anticipated setlist and celebrity and influencer appearances. 

Frank Ocean was one highly-anticipated performer, but many people were upset with his show. He was completely lackluster and hardly showed himself during the first weekend according to fans. He has since pulled out of performing the second weekend due to a leg injury.

Meanwhile, K-Pop groups have performed this year to great success. BlackPink killed their performance with elaborate dances and stage lights. Jackson Wang performed solo from his group Got7 with mind-blowing stunts such as piercing himself through his back, playing up his character as the Magic Man.

Singers Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes allegedly put on some serious public displays of affection a year after their break-up. Fans are speculating whether they have gotten back together or not.

This year’s Coachella has not disappointed with celebrity looks, drama and iconic performances.