Keep The Change


Miranda Rothchild

 QNDP, short for quarter, nickel, dime, penny, with their slogan being “keep the change,” is a fashion blog/magazine created by a group of highschoolers from around the chandler district. The blog has not launched yet, but they are doing a great job of spreading awareness and anticipation by tweeting and posting “December 17th” and nothing else. Many questions are stirring amongst everyone, so here is the inside scoop of the meaning behind the date.

  Founder of the blog, Christian Weninger (11) gives insight of the date, “As you know the blog has yet to launch but on December 17th people will be able to purchase tickets for the launch party as well as making us known as a fashion blog/ magazine.” Already, QNDP has a lot of sponsors on board, including the following: Scottsdale gymnastic cheerleading, body pros collision, meridium, and most importantly black rock! Black rock will even be running a booth at the launch party serving coffee. Faith Gnash (11) is the videographer for QNDP and is extremely excited about where the blog is going by stating, “I love working with the QNDP team and I have created many videos to promote ourselves.” Also, Anastasia Garcia (11) is a part of the team saying, “I am incharge of social media, so far I made a lay out for how I want everything to be posted and I am excited to start posting them.” QNDP seems to have everything ready for it’s launch, it’s exciting to see youths creating something themselves. Be sure to check out their blog when it launches on January 6th.