Homemade Gifts Add Special Touch


Cassidy Trowbridge, Editor-in-Chief

In a culture in which giving gift cards is acceptable and returning Christmas presents for money is common, consider giving homemade gifts that are less expensive and more meaningful.

When putting together a homemade gift, think about the person you are giving the gift to and how meaningful it will be to the individual.
Scrapbooks can be a great personalized gift. For example, my sister started a scrapbook that included her favorite poems, recipes and artwork and at the end of the year she gave it to our grandmother who enjoyed all of those items.

For craft supplies and ideas for scrapbooking, visit craft stores such as Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

Another important factor is how long the gift will last. I like to give gifts that last and will remind the person of me. I knew my grandfather enjoyed nature and watching cardinals, so I decided to create cardinal-themed Christmas ornaments.

I had seen hand-painted ornaments and other fancy baubles at holiday stores, but I thought I could make them myself, so I made three ornaments that all included cardinals.

These ornaments have been used on their Christmas tree every year since I gave it to my grandfather, and it gives me a sense of pride that I was so original in my gift.

To get some ideas for ornaments check out marthastewart.com or search the internet for ornament ideas.

Another simple idea might be framing a picture of yourself and giving it as a gift. If you have a family member who you may not see frequently, they can have it in their home and think of you.

Baked goods are another great idea for gifts as well. By making cookies or other treats and packaging them into a small container, it sends the message that you care and that you put time into their gift.

Search online for recipes that the recipient would enjoy, and look up craft sites such as marthastewart.com for packaging ideas.

Homemade gifts are a way of putting yourself into a gift and reminding others what the season of giving is all about: sharing what you love with others you care about.