Arizona’s Mid-November COVID-19 Statues and it’s Current Impact on Hospitals


Ash Espinosa

Arizona’s covid cases and deaths increasing mid-November, causing more hospital beds to be occupied. 

On Tuesday, Nov. 16 Arizona reported 3,240 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 83 deaths, adding to the overall COVID case count in Mid-November. The COVID dashboard of the Department of Health Service latest report on Tuesday, Nov. 16, was 1,220,433 COVID cases and 21,736 deaths. The previous day the department reported that 2,274 of the COVID patients occupied hospital beds. 

Thursday, Nov. 18 Arizona’s COVID statewide were 1,228,076 and the number of statewide deaths was 21, 808. Marking an increase of 7,643 cases and 72 deaths in two days. 

The Arizona Department of Health Services reported that only six percent of hospital beds all over Arizona are available. Other sources like self-reported data by hospitals informs that the bed capacity as of Nov. 18, 2021 was 94.5 percent, making only 484 beds available. The availability of beds has consistently been under 10 percent as of early August, 3 months ago. The Arizona COVID dashboard has been reporting numbers below 500 all throughout November. With about 27 percent of beds being occupied by COVID patients. Causing mid-November to mark the lowest rate of hospital beds to be available since the beginning of the pandemic. 

With the hospitalization for COVID and the decrease of hospital beds available, people should be more cautious and safe as fall and winter holidays come.