Omicron Cases in Arizona Skyrocket


Sahana Donepudi

In Arizona, Omicron cases are rapidly trending upwards. Preliminary data suggest that the risk of severe disease and hospitalization from omicron is lower than that of other variants, though researchers are still trying to determine exactly how that risk is influenced by immunity through vaccination or prior infection. Although the Omicron variant has been deemed milder than other variants, there is still a huge concern on the impact it will have on the already crowded medical systems and immunocompromised patents. Omicron’s high contractibility rates seem to be the main concern for researchers as studies within Arizona show a jump from one percent to 52 percent of Omicron cases in the short timespan of three weeks.

While Arizona has not reached the severity faced by other states such as New York and California, researchers predict that Arizona will soon be in the same state. While Omicron rapidly spreads, the CDC has had to change their policies regarding quarantine and some medical professionals do not approve of the decision.  Testing and new research is being done daily to help understand and prevent further infection. Experts still recommend Covid boosters, vaccinations, and following all precautions to help stop the viral spread of the variants.