Arizona Covid-19 Update

Samaya Taylor

COVID-19 started in January and is still affecting America today. COVID statistics everywhere in America were very high, a lot of people were getting the virus. COVID has been around for a a few years. It started in 2019 and has not yet ended.

 In 2022, COVID. They have found a vaccine for this virus though. There are three rounds of the vaccines and a booster 

In some places you can’t get in unless you have a vaccine card, but that’s not as common anymore. People barely wear masks, especially here in Arizona. 

As of Sept. 8, 2022 there are no new cases  of COVIDin Arizona. Schools in Arizona mostly have the option to wear masks, it’s rare that they are required to wear one. On April 25, 2022 the Governor of Arizona Doug Dacey signed a legislation barring government agencies requiring Covid-19 vaccinations and forbidding schools from mandating masks.    According to U.S. News, “Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has signed legislation barring government agencies from requiring COVID-19 vaccinations and forbidding schools from mandating masks for students under age 18 unless their parents approve.”

Wearing masks is still encouraged just like washing your hands and staying away from people that are sick. Not sharing certain things, etc… Masks are still here to keep us safe. COVID numbers are low but it’s better to be safe. Wash your hands!