Clark’s Physics Class Wins Spirit Link Competition

Physics students in Mr. Jim Clark’s fourth period class were the winners in the annual Spirit Link competition put on by Mr. Mike Lisi’s fourth period business class to raise money for charitable causes.  Mr. Clark’s class will get pizza and donuts during fourth hour on Jan. 25.

Toys, clothing, gift cards and personal care items for the homeless were purchased with the money raised, Mr. Lisi said. The items were distributed through Hamilton’s social worker Trisha Pavicich, the Chandler Care Center, and the Tempe Community Action Agency.

The top six classes were as follows:

1st place Jim Clark $280.09

2nd place Sharon McKinney $192.05

3rd place Debbie Nipar $166.05

4th place Michelle Moran $165.11

5th place Chantel Dooley $161.89

6th place Shannon Prince $160.40