Central Arizona Acting Festival

Emily Goddard, Staff Reporter

Hamilton’s theater classes had a big event that just passed. February first the Theater III class, APAC, and Stage Craft classes went to compete at CAAF. There our best competed with other schools in events like duo acting, solo monologues, duo musical, solo musical, set design, costume design, lighting, and sound design. After each person from each event performed, they were given a score.

Jacqueline Brecker, grade 10, was one of the people to preform. She presented a solo musical and a duo musical to the judges and got perfect scores on both. When asked what she thought of the event she said “It was a great experience. You get to see a lot of talent and receive a lot of critiques.”

Mackenna Goodrich, grade 10, responded “I thought CAAF was a lot of fun and a great experience. It was good to meet people from other schools and see what they were doing.” When asked the same question. She performed in a group musical, a solo musical, and a duo musical at CAAF.