Ready for the next year?

Alyssa Allen, Staff Reporter

As you may know, students have been filling out registration forms, meeting up with the counselors, and figuring out schedules for next year. For some people, this can be their chance to completely change the path of classes chosen.

According to Leanna Wynne (10) and Sophia Franco (9) this is the chance to take even more advanced and AP classes.

Meanwhile, students like to change electives and try something new or finish off the necessary classes to graduate. Students like Spencer Ross (10) and Ruth Wanjiru (9) may decide to attend a fine arts class while other students including Lucia Tran (9) may take a P.E. credit next year. Hayley Bradley (11) is planning to attend E.V.I.T for the first time.

However, many students like to continue with their normal classes each year including not only core classes but electives. According to Michelle Moran (11) when registering, she decided to keep the same classes and stick with the on level track.

Even though some students may not feel as confident as others in turning in registrations due to more advanced classes or changing to an elective they have never been in before, take a deep breath and make next year the best it can be.