Freshman Splashdown

Freshman Splashdown

Miranda Rothchild and Zi Quetel

Attention all freshman!!! Here at Hamilton, we provide many clubs and events throughout the year to all years and specifically freshman to make the transition into a new year and or new school as smooth as possible. On Friday August 11 Hamilton High school will be holding a “Freshman splashdown” to welcome all freshmen to their new school but most importantly High School. Going into Highschool is a big step in a teenager’s life. Your one last big step from being adults, and at Hamilton, we like to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

Being juniors at Hamilton has let us experience a lot of different things, and one of them was the splash down. Brent Gosselin (12) when asked about his freshman year he mentioned the splash down, stating “ it was really fun! I got to meet new people i would definitely recommend it to the new freshman.”

Hamilton Splashdown is made for freshman to meet new friends, and become more connected with their school and the students around them. Julyssa Calvo (9) a freshman at Hamilton said “ I am planning on meeting new friends and having fun, I don’t know many people in the hallways so hopefully i’ll make some new friends at the Splashdown!”

If you’re looking for a good time, and want to meet new people that are coming to a new school just like you, then please attend!