Working Hard or Hardly Working?


Happy Workers

Isabella Klemeneic

Flipping burgers or flipping pages in a book – there isn’t a lot of time for both. Students at Hamilton High School juggle working part time jobs and doing school work. There is only so much time in one day, and students struggle to get homework done while having to work after school late hours. Working makes the money, but takes away from the fun of high school.

School activities and functions on friday night are a highlight of high school, but not everyone has the choice to attend. Nathaniel Ritter-Felix (12) tells us, “Work interferes with after school activities like the Friday night Football games, because I work.” Working Friday night are worth the money, but not as much fun and spirited. Another working student, Karsyn Chubbs (12), explained “Work gives me less time for homework, and it’s difficult to get it all done in time.” Students manage to be excelled and make money at the same time, becoming successful teens. Even though these teens struggle to get between work and school functions, they can at least make it to a couple functions.

Teachers also have to deal with the stressful life of being a working student. Ms. Price  elaborated on students in her classes that have jobs and said, “They get the work done and don’t use it as an excuse as often as i would think.” Managing time with everything that needs to be done is a skill a lot of students have and isn’t a huge issue. Teachers think it is a great skill to learn at this age.

Working students deserve gratitude and appreciation, managing two responsibilities at once. Making money and having fun with friends during the school year is hard on teens, but they make it out and get it all done.